❤ about ❤

❥ puppy
❥ 16 yrz old
❥ taken pls no flirt
❥ they/them/paw/paws
❥ lesbian/demisexual
❥ nonbinary/rottengender
❥ brazilian
❥ neurodivergent
❥ makes mspaint art
❥ ghost lover

❤ dni ❤

❥ exclusively nsfw/18+ accs (pubby is a minor, if u hav a nsfw side acc pls only interact with ur main sfw acc)
❥ proshitters
❥ terf, homophobic, racist, etc
❥ anti blm n acab
❥ exclus/rad exclus (get a life)
❥ MAPs aka pedos n zoos
❥ romanticize mental illness
❥ under 12 yrs old (littles please ask)
❥ ddlg, abdl, ageplay supporters (only sfw age regressors r welcome)
❥ mspec "lesbians"
❥ bnha related accs
❥ dreamsmp stans (stop workshipping a racist)
❥ usernames liek "[character]s cumslut" or "[character]s buttcheeks" etc (gross)

❤ byf ❤

❥ ocs r based of pubby, scars, mental problems, bad habits included
❥ art can b triggering, check tws on bio (will not tag every single drawing)
❥ posts artistic nudity (do not sexualize, u will be hard blocked)
❥ pubby cant understan sarcasm at all, if they respond negatively to a joke, sorry
❥ pubby lieks maggots, dead n rotten things, if u don liek dat, dis isnt th acc for u
❥ pubby talks in third person, mostly as a comfort thing, if we don rly interact much theyll most likely talk normally
❥ pubbys rly dum !! dum fucken dum dog !!! they do fuck up don be afraid to tell them when it happens
❥ they do not enjoy inspo taken out of their art or ocs, ik they dont own everything that goes into their art style, but they did create the specific combination of said things they use, so keep that in mind

❤ ty for readin ❤

❤ heres a snack for u ❤